Common Goals of Speech Therapy for Stuttering

common-goals-of-speech -therapy-for-stuttering
Does your child or senior love one stutter when they talk? If they do, you should get help from a speech-language pathologist or speech therapists as early as possible. Early intervention can help reduce the chances that they will keep stuttering.

Various teens and adults who stutter have already gone through speech therapy at least once in their lives to treat their speech disorder – stuttering. Others have been through years of therapy. However, just because you’ve been to speech therapy once means you no longer need to consider it again.

Stuttering therapy for teens and adults can mean changing long-standing behaviors, emotions, and attitudes in general about talking and communication. Hence, the length and the type of therapy greatly varies depending on one’s goals. If you haven’t figured out any goals. 24 Seven Home Health, Inc. listed some of the therapy goals for your stuttering.

  • Limiting the recurrence of stuttering;
  • Lessen the tension and struggle of stuttering moments;
  • Working to minimize word or situation avoidances;
  • Understanding more about stuttering
  • Utilizing effective communication abilities like eye contact or phrasing; and
  • Ascertaining whether your goals relate to long-term change or to meet a specific short-term need.

It is normal for stuttering to change over time or for emotions and attitudes regarding speech to change as you gain new experiences. For this reason, it is a must for you to consult home health services in Covina, California to have a clear idea about your motivation for going to therapy because your reasons for seeking treatment can help the treatment process.

Working together with a home health care agency in Covina, California who is knowledgeable about stuttering will help you identify your goals. Furthermore, their speech therapy programs will ease your stuttering.

Through therapy programs offered, home health care agencies can help improve not only your condition but your overall health in general.

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