Common Issues When Caring for Your Child’s G-Tube


A G-tube can be used to provide children formula, liquids, and medicines to your child through tubes placed in the abdomen to the stomach. As a provider of home health services in Covina, California, we have faced different issues when using g-tube for children. As a parent, you must know what to do in these situations. Here are some common concerns when caring for your child’s G-tube:

  • Granulation tissue formulation

    It is an overgrowth of tissue capillaries that looks red, raw, and “beefy.” Your child can feel pain as the skin breaks down around the site. Treatments can be painful, especially when you use silver nitrate, but our team of professionals will make sure that your child will feel less pain.

  • Skin infections and leaking tubes

    Skin infections can be challenging to diagnose because redness often occurs due to the G-tube rubbing on the skin which then produces a yellow discharge. Gastric contents may leak and cause redness but it is just a chemical reaction and not because of bacteria. If your child has a leaking tube, you should check its placement and measurement. Make sure that the balloon is inflated with the right amount of fluid and make sure to inform your home health care practitioner about this.

  • G-tube dislodgement

    If the G-tube comes out, don’t panic! You are given advice after visiting 24 Seven Home Health, Inc. and everything will be provided in your visit before you come home. Always ask your practitioner what you should do if in case the tube gets dislodged.

As a home health care agency in Covina, California, we are a provider of pediatric G-tube care. We can help you address your different concerns regarding your child’s G-tube.

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