COVID Prevention for Children with Special Needs

COVID Prevention for Children with Special Needs

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country and endangers the lives of many. Seniors and individuals with disabilities are the most vulnerable to this lethal virus.

Being a provider of home health services in Covina, California, we’ve encountered many families who are worried about their medically fragile children.

Everyone in the healthcare field is taking precautions, especially the home health care sector. Everyone is doing their best in ensuring patients staying in their homes are well cared for and safe while in self-quarantine.

With that being said, parents must take the initiative to ensure the safety of the people in their household by making sure the following are being practiced:

  • Only go outside if it is essential. Make sure to always wear a mask to reduce the potential spread of the virus.
  • Practice proper handwashing with soap and water. Remind your children to do the same thing as well.
  • Have your home cleaned frequently. Clean frequently touched surfaces and make sure to wash dishes and laundry right away.
  • Should there be anyone in your family showing any signs of illnesses, have them stay in a separate room.

If you need help in caring for your child that has special healthcare needs, you can seek help from a home health care agency in Covina, California24 Seven Home Health, Inc.

You can guarantee that all our healthcare professionals are always required to take proper measures in preventing the spread of any infection and disease in the households we serve.

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