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Indwelling Catheter Care: Things to Know

Indwelling catheter care is part of our intermittent and shift care. As part of our home health care services, licensed and registered nurses perform this type of care. As the name suggests, an indwelling catheter resides within your body. This … Continue reading

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Around the Clock Home Health Care at 24 Seven Home Health, Inc.

When people reach the age of seniority, more often than not, their health condition declines, resulting in illness or injury. To counter this problem, health care companies offer home health care, a wide range of health care services offered at … Continue reading

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Sensory Difficulties in Children

Some kids encounter difficulty in their development. Whatever reason for the condition – genetic or environmental – the child may find themselves struggling with their situation. One category of these disabilities is related to sensory. Sensory-related difficulties can make a … Continue reading

Brain Stimulating Games for Seniors at Home

A lot of cases have proven how aging can be tricky to your brain health. The good news is, there are ways to help maintain your memory and brain health. Keeping your body healthy is as important as keeping your … Continue reading