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Warning Signs of Developmental Delays in Children

Are you worried about your child’s development? Do you get anxious about their physical and mental development? Well, you are not alone! Most parents feel the same way. They are on the lookout for signs of developmental delays, too! It … Continue reading

Medication Safety Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other dementia usually are prescribed with multiple medications. We all know that medicines are powerful. Hence, medication management should be established, especially when seniors take more than one medication. Use these safety tips from 24 … Continue reading

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Common Types of Viral Hepatitis and How to Treat Them

Hepatitis is a condition referred to as the inflammation of the liver. It’s usually caused by a viral infection. Treatment for viral hepatitis varies depending on which type of hepatitis you have. Let us unveil three of the most common … Continue reading

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Common Goals of Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Does your child or senior love one stutter when they talk? If they do, you should get help from a speech-language pathologist or speech therapists as early as possible. Early intervention can help reduce the chances that they will keep … Continue reading

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