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Holistic Tips for a Healthy Body

Caring for a person holistically means caring for the whole person, not just the patient’s physical well-being or making a diagnosis. Holistic nursing care isn’t just about healing certain diseases, it is about healing the mind, body, and soul of … Continue reading

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Healthy Diet Tips for Kids with Disabilities

Children with disability have health issues that affect their nutritional wealth and eating habits. Thus, meeting your child’s nutritional needs become more essential. To improve these issues, provide them with a well-rounded diet. Here are some recommendations from home health … Continue reading

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Warning Signs of Developmental Delays in Children

Are you worried about your child’s development? Do you get anxious about their physical and mental development? Well, you are not alone! Most parents feel the same way. They are on the lookout for signs of developmental delays, too! It … Continue reading

Medication Safety Tips for Alzheimer’s Patients

Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other dementia usually are prescribed with multiple medications. We all know that medicines are powerful. Hence, medication management should be established, especially when seniors take more than one medication. Use these safety tips from 24 … Continue reading

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