About Us

24-Seven Home Health is a full service home health agency providing care in the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties. Our specialty is compassionate and professional intermittent and shift care nursing care to adult and pediatric patients. We pride ourselves on holistic evidence based clinical care and we are happy to be of service.

Our skilled nurses, therapists, and medical social workers have a collective objective to fully meet the health management needs of our clients while exhibiting proficiency in their respective tasks. We are a group of health care professionals who are dedicated and committed to providing quality, comprehensive, and compassionate home health services in Covina, California.

Our Mission Statement

  • Providing evidence based holistic care to each of our patients.
  • We are building a work environment where each person is valued, respected, and has opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • We are advancing excellence in health care through continued education, and we insure that each patient is treated as an individual with the right to privacy, dignity, and respect.
  • We demonstrate social responsibility through the just use of our resources.

The commitment of our staff, physicians, and community partners to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and a tradition of service-based caring, which are the hallmarks of 24-Seven Home Health Inc.

Who We Are

  • A full service home health care agency, licensed by the State of California Department of Health
  • A Medicare certified home health care agency
  • A Medi-Cal Waiver agency

Non-Discrimination Policy
24 Seven Home Health, Inc. provides equal employment opportunity and client services. In practice of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, our staff and management shall protect the right of clients and employees to equal service provision without discrimination for race, color, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender, religion, national origin, source of funds, or veteran status.