Importance of Medication Management in Home Health Care Services


Proper medication management is unarguably a vital component of any home health care plan. Failure to manage medications can lead to serious illness, hospitalization, emergency room visits, and even death.

Most seniors who choose to avail home health services in Covina, California have several medications to take but are unable to manage these medications on their own. About 60% of seniors commit mistakes with regard to their medication intake. Although some of these mistakes are harmless, we should still not neglect or take those mistakes lightly, as it may result in a worse situation.

One of the benefits of having 24 Seven Home Health, Inc. is that we can help you with different medication management situations, whether it’s simple or a very complex one. We can help you in many ways. Our team of professionals will inform you when to take the different medicines at the right time, and how to take your medications correctly. Moreover, our registered nurses (RNs), can make home visits to fill pill boxes or use other medication management devices.

We can help manage your medication by filling pill boxes, making visits to ensure that you take the right medicines, and more. We are committed to providing you, no matter what your age is, the care you deserve and the supervision that will return you to your optimal health.

We are a home health care agency in Covina, California and we are willing to help in any way. Whether it’s managing medications, skilled nursing, medical social work, or home health aide services, you can rely on us.

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