Proper Wound Care: How to Minimize Scars


When the skin gets injured, may it be through accident or from a surgery, your body has the natural ability to heal it. As the skin heals, a scar may form which is a natural part of the healing process. The appearance of scars often depends on how well the wounds heal.

Scars from the surgery or over joints such as the knees and elbows are difficult to avoid. But as a home health care agency in Covina, California, we have figured out how to reduce their appearance. Here are tips to reduce the appearance of scars caused by injuries like skinned knees or deep scratches:

  • Always keep skin injuries such as cuts and scrapes clean.
  • Use petroleum jelly to keep the wound moist and help the injured skin heal.
  • Cover the skin with an adhesive bandage after cleaning or applying petroleum jelly or similar ointments.
  • Change your bandage daily to keep the wound clean while it’s healing.
  • Follow your doctor’s or your home health care provider’s advice on how to care for the wound and when to remove the stitches, especially if your injury has stitches.
  • After your wound has healed, apply sunscreen.

If you have minor cuts or scrapes, these are the basic things you can do to reduce the appearance of scars. But if you’re worried about their appearance, 24 Seven Home Health, Inc. is just one call away.

We are a team of educated nurses dedicated to providing home health services in Covina, California.

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