Sensory Difficulties in Children

Sensory Difficulties in Children

Some kids encounter difficulty in their development. Whatever reason for the condition – genetic or environmental – the child may find themselves struggling with their situation. One category of these disabilities is related to sensory.

Sensory-related difficulties can make a child perceive the world differently. Understanding these challenges can help the parents, educators, care providers, and the child themselves to make decisions moving forward.

Developmental disabilities related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) range from social, communication, and behavioral challenges. The child may have trouble relating to others’ feelings or repeating what words are spoken to them.

Poor vision and blindness can also affect young kids. It can be about limited visual acuity or color-blindness which makes navigation and recognition difficult for children.

Sensory integration dysfunction is a neurological condition interfering with the child’s sensory interpretation. In unfortunate situations, the child may feel overwhelmed with the sensory input – unable to tolerate bright lights or loud noises.

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