The Benefits of Receiving Physical Therapy at Home


If you’re having mobility problems due to an injury or illness, getting physical therapy can be beneficial. Some individuals may prefer getting their physical therapy at a facility. However, for those who might find it inconvenient and difficult, you can always receive physical therapy from a home health care agency in Covina, California.

Other than the convenience of getting a professional to visit your home, there are other numerous advantages of having in-home physical therapy. Here are some:

  • You’ll receive one-on-one care.

    When you receive your physical therapy at home, you receive the therapist’s undivided attention. Often, in an outpatient setting, your PT may be overseeing multiple patients while working on your treatment plan. Sometimes, they might even be preoccupied with administrative or other duties. But when they visit your home, they’ll be able to focus on you and your care.

  • It is effective.

    Did you know that in a 2016 study, they found that physical therapy at home is just as effective as outpatient services? What’s more amazing is that it is even more effective long term. This is because there was more adherence to the prescribed treatment plan.

  • It increases functionality.

    By receiving treatment at home, the movements and exercise are more relatable and can be immediately applied, unlike the outpatient setting. When incorporating your daily task into the treatment, you can understand it better, and it increases your adherence.

You can get physical therapy from a home health care provider.

24 Seven Home Health, Inc. provides home health services in Covina, California to seniors and people with disabilities or conditions that require medical care at home.

For more information about services, contact us today.

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