Three Basic Diabetes Wound Care Tips


Diabetes puts you at a higher risk of having wounds. Therefore, wounds that have no connection to other cuts can be prone to infections and may lead to other health issues. As a home health care provider, we want to stress this concern because diabetes is common among seniors.

We at 24 Seven Home Health, Inc. lay down the three basic wound care tips for patients with diabetes:

  • Assess your wounds immediately

    Don’t let wounds persist. If you can check it now, then do it. Don’t check it later or else it will worsen. Immediately assessing the wound will allow you to know if there is a needed professional intervention. You are susceptible to infections if you go out without treating and constantly disinfecting your cuts.

  • Clean your wound thoroughly

    Use warm water in cleaning your cut. We highly advise that you connect with healthcare professionals like our nurses before using any antibacterial topical ointments to ensure safety.

  • Know the signs of an infection

    Check your cuts daily if there are any signs of infection like redness, pus, pain, stiffness or a wound that’s warm to the touch. If you see signs, you can contact your provider of home health services in Covina, California or your doctor immediately.

  • Moisturize

    Keep your skin soft and moisturized to prevent chafing, cracking, and dryness. Moisturize every part of your body but do not include in between your toes to avoid cuts and irritation.

We are a home health care agency in Covina, California that provides intermittent care and shift-based health care services to any clients at home. We offer skilled nursing, physical, speech and occupational therapy, and many more. In short, we provide you with appropriate health care.

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