What You Should Know About High-Acuity Nursing

What You Should Know About High-Acuity Nursing

Generally, acuity levels allow nurses to set appropriate staffing levels in acute care, long-term care, or other treatment and rehabilitation environments. This system is vital when working with limited staff members.

  • Care for High-Acuity Patients

    Those with high-acuity levels are those with challenging medical conditions with significant, unpredictable needs. Hence, high-acuity nurses in home health care must provide prompt, compassionate, and professional care to patients within these levels.

    High-acuity patients are those who require frequent observations to make certain their condition improves, or they remain stable. Since these patients could decline quickly, nurses must constantly check on them.

  • What Are the Requirements for Low-Acuity or High-Acuity Patients?

    Actually, there is no universal acuity scale. Instead, most facilities and departments develop their own. Overall, what influences acuity levels are the patient’s pain management needs, oxygen therapy, blood pressure issues, condition stability, and the likes.

    Patients who are much higher on the acuity level must have a nurse solely to their care. If your loved one is a high-acuity patient, you can enlist the help of our home health care agency in Covina, California24 Seven Home Health, Inc.

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