Why Evidence-Based Care Is Important

Why Evidence-Based Care Is Important

At 24 Seven Home Health, Inc., we want to be your partner in health. This is why we only adhere to practices that allow our patients to get involved in their recovery. One of the ways we do so is by making evidence-based care the overarching method guiding our home health care agency in Covina, California.

Evidence-based care is the conscientious use of the current best evidence as a blueprint in making decisions about the care of patients as well as the delivery of home health care services.

This approach makes sure to account for the patients’ values and preferences. It entails the use of up-to-date information from relevant and valid research which details everything from the effects of the different procedures involved, the side effects and potential for harm, and even the accuracy of the preliminary tests done.

As a provider of home health services in Covina, California, we believe this approach is the only approach when it comes to delivering care as it benefits both healthcare providers and patients alike. For healthcare providers, this means:

  • Being better equipped with the most appropriate treatment for patients at the time
  • Being able to achieve the triple aim of improved quality, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced costs better

For the part of the patients, the approach presents an opportunity for:

  • A more open dialogue between them and their physicians and/or healthcare providers
  • Participation in the decision-making aspect of building their care
  • Having their preferences and values known and heard so they can be taken into consideration

Overall, adopting the approach means better accountability in how services are delivered and received by the patients.

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